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Ido Kenan

Ido Kenan

“[T]housands of people read his blog, Room 404, and some consider him the most influential blogger in Israel”Blogolebrities, Ofri Ilani, Haaretz, October 2008

Ido Kenan, born in Israel in 1979, resident of filthy Tel Aviv, is the founder and co-editor of Room 404. He’s been covering digital culture and media as a journalist for over a decade. His articles have been featured in Israeli media-outlets including Walla!, Nana10, Maariv, nrg Maariv, Ynet, Globes, Rating, HaAyin HaShevi’it, Akhbar HaIr Online and Calcalist.

Contact me by email: ido at room404 dot net .

A more extensive About Me in Hebrew


Jonny Silver

Jonny Silver

“Jonny? Who the hell is Jonny?” – Idok

As per the December 2012 ruling I will be using this space to offer several clarifications on some previous assertions.

I am not a Mister Olympian.

I did not originally coin the phrase “fml”.

I did not win critical and commercial success for my 2004 prog rock single concerning a cock-blocking female friend, “Wish You Weren’t Here”.

I did not invent the space-smoothie.

I am not three time winner of the Booker T. Jones prize for novels describing blues music or life in Memphis. To the best of my knowledge no such prize is awarded.

My favorite food is not the Jambon Persillé. It is, in fact, half a pita stuffed with processed cheese.

I am not now, nor have I even been, a Certified Drug Inspector for Interpol, and I do not have the authority to seize, sample, or resale marijuana products.

I am not excellent in bed.

Feel free to drop me a line at fnord at tryscer dot com .

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