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Published on October 1st, 2013 | by Ido Kenan


Free Adblockers Take Jobs from Paid Adblockers Creators

Adblocking can be justified as a consumer revolt against intrusive advertising. But when adblocking itself becomes a business model, it feels more like cheating (not to mention it takes a certain fuck-the-system edge off).

Enter AdTrap, a $200,000+ crowdfunded internet-connection-level ad-blocking apparatus. AdTrap is plug-and-play – connect it to a router and it will block ads for any device connected through its network.

AdTrap is easier to use than AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, which are free of charge but need to be installed on each browser on each connected device; and a little simpler than configuring a Raspberry Pi, which goes for $25-40, as an adblocking mobile access point. But an AdTrap is also more expensive, going for $139 a piece.

Choosing AB, ABP or RasPi over AdTrap will save you money, but would also hurt AdTrap’s team’s livelihood, which is based on hurting ad-based site owners’ livelihoods. And you wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s livelihood, would you?

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