404 Alleged stolen silicon vagina. Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson; Editing and blurring: Room 404

Published on August 19th, 2017 | by Ido Kenan


👮 Israeli Police Sends Media Photo of Someone’s Brand New Silicon Vagina Sex Toy

Israeli Police photographed someone’s sex toy – an artificial silicon vagina – and distributed the photo to the unsuspecting media. Many outlets published the picture without any censoring or blurring, including thosh which, for religious reasons, don’t even publish pictures of women.

[This Post in Hebrew • פוסט זה בעברית]

The story began with a security officer at a Rehovot postal branch, who caught a cleaning worker with a mail bag and filed a complaint with the police. The police detained the worker for interrogation and simultaneously searched his residence, where it found “thousands of postal items which were allegedly stolen by the worker over the course of a year. The worker suspected of stealing them allegedly planned to sell the items.”

Alleged stolen postal parcels. Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson

Police officers photographed some of the retrieved items, and the police spokesperson distributed the photos to the media alongside a press release.

Alleged stolen items. Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson

As sharp-eyes reader Gal Bazel noticd, one of these items is the artificial silicon vagina.

Alleged stolen silicon vagina. Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson; Editing: Room 404

Among the sites which ran the picture are ynet, Channel 7 and ultra-orthodox Kikar Hashabat.

Silicon vagina on Kikar Hashabat

The police itself only posted the story to its twitter, witout the photo. Troll much?

The press release stated that “the policemen returned the products to the Israel Post for distribution to the awaiting customers,” but judging by the unboxed state of this specific product, it’s safe to assume that the person who bought it is no longer waiting for it, according to the Don’t Touch It, You Don’t Know Where It’s Been clause. Luckily for him, it won’t set him back much – as the police provided a good resolution photo, it’s clear it’s a Yeain brand faux-pussy, whose models range ~$3-20 on Ali-Express.

Yeain brand silicon vaginas on Ali-Express

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