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Published on August 26th, 2015 | by Ido Kenan


Israeli Men Have Army-Embedded DNA, Women Are All About Hooking Up: Official Tel Aviv Site

“[I]f it’s true that body language accounts for 90% of the messages we put out into the world, then Israeli chicks are all about hooking up”, claims the anonymous author of Tel Aviv, Decoded, a guide of Tel Avivian, and Israeli, idiosyncrasies. Cockrells are also defined by this guide, although not in explicit poultry terms: “Like the Italian Guido, the Israeli male set on the prowl has no problem undressing you with their eyes and telling you exactly what they think. […] These guys have an army instinct imbedded [sic] in their DNA. For independent women, this can come off as chauvinistic. There is no ill will on his [sic] part. He was born to protect you, so let him”.

These pseudo-anthropo-socio-scientific observations and others were posted to Study in Tel Aviv, a marketing website aimed at attracting students to come study in Tel Aviv. The site is run by Tel Aviv Global, a global marketing initiative of the Tel Aviv municipality “dedicated to elevating the city’s global positioning” and ainmed “to position the city as a global center of technology, innovation, culture, and creativity”, according to the language on the site.

A guide about men and women on an official Tel Aviv municipality site

Tel Aviv municipality’s response, as published on news site ynet: “The site was launched as a pilot two months ago, was not promoted in any way on the web, and is currently being moved to a new platform. The content you presented were experimental content. They were removed from the current site, and will not be moved to the new, official site.”

The guide was available two hours after ynet’s atricle (Heb) was posted before finally returning a 404 error message.

Another guide, which may or may not be experimental but is definitely still online, is Local Language, a mini-dictionary. It has a definition for “Ars (ars)” – “In Arabic, a pimp. In Hebrew, it’s a hoodlum of the Middle Eastern variety. Think of the guy you saw barbecuing meat in the park with heavy gold chains, an ounce of gel in his hair, and Middle Eastern music blaring from his car radio”. And of course, “Frecha (fre-cha)”, which is “[t]he female version of ‘Ars.’ The Israeli cousin of the American ‘skank,’ aka Jersey Shore cast members”.

The guide fails to mention that both slang terms are considered derogatory and racist.

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