404 Mor Maman, Miss Pronunciation 2015. Meme by Ido Kenan

Published on December 15th, 2014 | by Ido Kenan


Mor Maman, Miss Pronunciation 2014

Israeli model Mor Maman is being ridiculed by the Israeli web nation for her English pronunciation in her Miss World 2014 contestant profile video. Maman found it especially hard to pronounce the A’s and Y’s, replacing them with H’s, saying “I’m 19 hears old, I’m the soldier hin the harmy”.

Considering the anxiety a beauty pageant contestant must be experiencing, enhanced by the distress of a non-native English speaker being interviewed in English must be in, Maman’s stammer and mispronunciation seem only natural, if not endearing.

I’ll let John Oliver give the closing arguments.

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