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Published on March 4th, 2008 | by Ido Kenan


Tel Aviv View©: A Flashmob for the Right to Take Photos in Public

Don’t shoot the Opera Tower! Photo: Ziv Mizrahi; Design: Ido Kenan. Click to enlarge

Ziv Mizrahi, an Israeli amateur photographer, was walking about taking photos of the Opera Tower in Tel Aviv when a guard ordered him to stop. He called the company that manages the building, where he was told he needed a written permission to photograph the building, because its design is copyrighted.

Israeli copyright law specifically allows taking photos and making drawings of any architectural creation, and of any work of art which is on a permanent location (such as a building), defining that as fair use.

This Friday, March 7, at noon, there will be a flashmob of photographers who will exercise their democratic and lawful right to take photos of a building in public. The photos will later be uploaded to Flickr, tagged OperaMob2008.

Tel Aviv View© on Facebook (in Hebrew). This post in Hebrew



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